Topic of the Month: Taxes


Of the 8 Texas GOP Legislative Priorities, only one addresses Texas’s taxing and spending.  The legislation focused on abolishing all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying.  This legislation does nothing to raise or lower taxes but is about eliminating the spending of public funds on lobbyists.  The continuous discussion facing Texans is how much taxation does the State and Local governments need verses how much they get.  In March 2021, finical writer for WalletHub, Adam McCann, listed the tax burdens of all 50 states.  Texas ranked 30 of 50 with a total overall 8.19% Tax Burden.  Because Texans voted in a State Constitutional amendment banning income tax, we collect the majority of public funds via property and sales taxes.  McCann ranked Texas 9 of 50 states both in property taxes (3.91%) and sales taxes (4.28%).  Texas’s Comptroller reported “…over $250 billion a year coming from over 60 different taxes, fees, and assessments.” On next year’s ballot, gubernatorial candidates will pitch their plans for taxing and spending to Texans.  Below provides information about two differing approaches.
Lower Taxes, Better Texas: Eliminate Property Taxes by 2033
Texas Public Policy Foundation
by Vance Ginn, PhD,

BAD DEAL: Higher Local Sales Taxes Are Not the Way to Lower Local Property Taxes
Every Texas (formerly Center for Public Policy Priorities)
By Dick Lavine


Other Topics of Interest:

Election Integrity
Require citizenship verification of each voter, and felony penalties for Election Code violations that threaten election integrity.
Religious Freedom
Restore the rights of individuals, organizations and businesses, to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs by prohibiting local ordinances, state laws, or executive orders that violate those rights.
Children and Gender Modification
Abolish the following practices for minors: intervention to prevent natural progression of puberty; administration of opposite sex hormones; and performance of any type of gender reassignment surgery.
Abolition of Abortion
Abolish abortion by ensuring the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all preborn children from the moment of fertilization.
Constitutional Carry
Restore legal Texas firearms owners’ rights to carry them openly or concealed without a permit, while maintaining the option of a permit for reciprocity purposes.
Monument Protection
All monuments or markers in our state shall be protected by law from being removed, defaced, destroyed, or otherwise dishonored. In particular, specific protection shall be given to the Alamo Cenotaph which shall not be removed from its current location off the Alamo Battlefield footprint.
School Choice for All
Empower parents and guardians to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education using tax credits or exemptions without government restraint or intrusion.
Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying
Abolish all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying.