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Membership Options

The CRC  has several Membership Options to choose from. These are all annual memberships. 

If you are currently not a member, please click one of the links below to join the Coppell Republican Club.  Once you complete the form, you can pay via credit card or you can send a check to: PO Box 2384 Coppell, TX 75019.

To pay by Check please click Pay Later and thensend a check to: PO Box 2384 Coppell, TX 75019.

Individual Membership $30
This is our standard membership - and our most popular. If you are an adult - not currently enrolled in high school or in an undergraduate institution - who wants to get involved with CRC, then this is the choice for you. All individual members gain full access to all CRC meetings and members-only events. Individual members also have voting privileges and can serve as CRC Board Members.
Bronze VIP Friend of CRC: $100
Friends of CRC are members, with identical membership privileges to our standard Individual Membership tier, who wish to make a more substantial financial contribution to the valuable ongoing work of the Coppell Republican Club.
Gold VIP Friend of CRC: $250
This membership is a sponsorship tier, designed for businesses who wish to grow their promotional reach in the greater Coppell area by placing branding on the CRC website, and on certain fliers and other assorted materials - reaching hundreds of individuals each month, while supporting the ongoing efforts of the CRC. All promotional materials are subject to review prior to publication on any CRC webpage or printed material. CRC Board Members will work to fully address any questions your business may have about this exciting marketing opportunity.
Partner/Associate Membership:  $15
This membership is intended for adults whose primary membership is with another Republican Club. Unlike other members, associate members do not have voting privileges, nor can they serve on the CRC Board. However, for a reduced membership fee of $15.00, associate members gain full access to all CRC meetings and members-only events.

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